Popular websites attract the attention of people. So, you must know about the steps of how to buy a domain name.  Earlier domain registration was a hassle, but nowadays it’s straightforward and easy.  Before processing into the insights of registering a domain, a reader first needs to get enlightened with some tips before purchasing a domain name. Some of them can be stated as follows :

1.Researching:  It’s very important to research before buying a domain name. Realize, the need of your target audience and try to find a domain name that will project your niche. This can be done by researching the latest keywords following your subject. This will represent your project very well.

2. keep it catchy and easy: .com is the famous buzz on the Internet, and most of the entrepreneurs use .com domain name extension to represent their website.  Now if you want to make a mark in the online world and want people to check you out. Then avoid providing a domain name that is very similar to popular brands. Make use of trademark information to prevent such problems.

3. Think about the future. Realize that a website having the right domain name is long term investment. This domain name will represent your products, your service in front of the customers. So, don’t hurry and decide on a name. Instead, relax and think something out of the box.

How to register a domain

The above information has already let you know about the things that you must know before buying a domain name. Now this section will tell you how to purchase one.  To get a domain name for your website, you would first need an ICANN accredited register.  Once done, a domain extension needs to be selected, which can have a processing fee of $0.98 to $0.93.99.

Step 1: Finding a domain checker

The process of finding a correct domain name comes with the need for searching. There is various domain vacancy tool available on the Internet that will help you find a perfect domain name. One of them can be regarded as Hostinger.

Step 2: Searching for the domain name

Enter a name that you want to for your domain in the search bar and let the domain checker do all the work. The domain checker will provide you with many options that you may like.

Step 3: Deciding a domain name

Once you have browsed through the various option of domain availability, the task now is to select a name and going forward with the registration. This can be done by pressing on the add to cart option if you are satisfied with what you see in front of the screen, then it is better to choose a suitable payment option and then do a quick checkout.

Step 4: Claim your ownership

Claim the ownership of your domain, through verification provided in your mail address. While registering the check through the email address is done within a matter of minutes. If you don’t find the check-in your mail-id. Tech enthusiasts recommend that you must resend the request through the control panel effective and immediately. Since waiting for confirmation in your email address for more than 15 days can lead to permanent bam

How to choose the right domain name

As the world is going digital, it is vital to have a footprint in the digital canvas. No matter how the business is performing offline, if your business isn’t online, it might not reach its potential success. But the question arises on how to register a domain online, and what Key factor one needs to consider while doing so. Although, there are numerous Do’s and Do not’s when it comes to domain registration, but, as a thumb rule, one can follow these three pillars for domain name registration.

Keyword Oriented.

Rule No.1 for the digital world, if your website/domain isn’t keyword-oriented, it is as good as lost in the digital canvas and your business might not be able to gain the right amount of traction it deserves. For instance, if you’re a coffee shop owner and thinking of making your business goes online, then having a keyword such as coffee, cappuccino, latte, would be an ideal word for your domain. Moreover, one can take the help of the Google keyword planner to be more precise with the keyword that they want to target. While choosing the keyword, you have to make sure that it is specific, relevant, and unique. The more your keyword revolves around these three aspects, the more traction you can gain for your website.

Precise Domain Name Extension

A common mistake while registering your domain is neglecting the right extension that should be used while registering the domain name of your website. Although “.com” remains a favorite for a domain name, but it may not serve the purpose of your business is into information or if you are a blogger.  Before selecting the extension of your domain, it is essential to know your business well and which extension would be an ideal match for your website. In case if you are wondering which extension to go for here are some abbreviations of common extensions.

1 .edu: Website dealing in education

2 .info: Website selling in information

3 .me: Websites for personal purposes such as blogs, resume, etc.

4 .net: Websites for technical and Internet Infrastructure

5 .org: Websites for Non-Commercial and Non-Profit Purposes

This list goes on and on but if your business falls into any of the extensions mentioned above, then there would be an ideal extension for your domain.

2. Keep it Short and Memorable

Another important aspect of selecting a proper domain name is to keep it short, simple, and memorable for your target audience. Ideally, a domain name with two words describing your business and a keyword would be the perfect match. For instance, taking coffee examples in hand, one can go for coffeexpress.com or instacofee.com that would serve as a short, memorable domain for coffee lovers. Moreover, researching about your domain name is also important, make sure that your area doesn’t fall into the category of copyright or trademark section and your city isn’t selected by someone else. Since a domain name is inexpensive and gets sold with a blink of an eye being pro-active rather than reactive is the key for registering the right domain name.

Additional information

Though the above-stated points are the essential information on how to choose the right domain name. There is some to-do list that needs a further reminder. Reddit users argue that these points must be included to provide the reader with complete domain-related information.  These can be known as protecting and acting fast.  Protecting means protecting your brand.  To do this, you should make multiple purchases of your misspelled domain name extension. This would mean that even if the customers type a misspelled word in the google search bar. Google will direct your website to the people.

Final thoughts

Realize that everybody wants to market their business online since they want more and more ROI. So, you need to act fast and register yourself with a domain name. If you are finding it hard to think of name yourself. Then take the domain registers big rock, Reseller and Go daddy which will get you what you are looking for,