Bulk SMS Marketing is the most cost-effective way to generate leads and reach more customers over a period of time. We are one of the Leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in India offering promotional bulk SMS, transactional SMS services at affordable prices to Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and not-for-profit organizations to communicate with their existing and potential clients. We offer Messaging Solutions to all sorts of industries like Travel, Education, Retail, Healthcare, Transport, Telecommunications, Insurance, and Banking, etc.

Our exclusive promotional SMS service gives you instant access to sending bulk promotional SMS to a large number of people, within a fraction of time. With Our promotional SMS gateway, advertise your services and products among your potential customers and generate more leads for your Business.

Transactional messages are kinds of messages that can only be used for sending transactional SMS such as OTPs and alerts to your existing customers. With our affordable transactional bulk SMS service, you can provide instant information on the delivery status of their purchase, transaction confirmations to your clients.

 Another branch of Digital Marketing where Emails and SMS are being used to promote services, offers, greetings for any occasion or birthday, sales notifications and many more to engage the audience. The main motive behind the use of such mails is to build a relationship between the business and it’s target audience. Letting them know that they care about their special days and greet them in every festival. Over time Emails have evolved, they are no more the stereotypes of simple texts in a formal manner. Instead they are now colorful and interactive with awesome punchlines. Inviting the audience to go through their site and have a look at their services and products they provide.
Advantages of Email Marketing –
  • Better conversion rate, compared to Social Media as emails itself are a more formal way to approach your audience
  • Majority of people check their emails at least once a day, increasing chances of going through your mail
  •  Based on a survey it is known that most of the purchase decisions are influenced by marketing emails which are inviting and engaging in nature
  •  Another survey states that 25% of companies depend on Email Marketing as one of their ideal sources of income.