Before you make your presence in the digital market, you need to be careful about certain things which are choosing a right platform for your website, picking up a proper domain name and deciding which hosting package is ideal for your business.  There are various hosting providers present in the market which provides attractive hosting packages. These providers will be mentioned later in the section, and for now, this article will concentrate on the most critical hosting services which can be stated as follows:

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is now very common. The word share will make you think that you will lose control of your website since you are sharing your site with others. Well, this is not the case. Though you will have many clients and one server, you will be privileged to have unlimited network bandwidth. Now if when you have shared hosting facility, you will be entitled to free domain registration for a year and enjoy power-packed services like database tables, site backup and SQL databases.  Take a quick look at some of the available packages by Bluehost, which is one of the most popular hosting providers available today.

Private server hosting

This is a hosting which provides you with all the benefits of a dedicated server.  When you are enrolled with this kind of hosting, you need to worry about anything. Everything will be taken care of web hosting provider.  Like the web hosting provider will keep your WordPress installation up to date.  Now, most of the web hosting providers break private service hosting into four standard packages which are known as the premium, enhanced, ultimate, premium.  The storage space various 1TB and 4TB.  Now one of the most significant features of this hosting is the fact that the tech support available 24/7.  Also, this kind of hosting comes with add ons like the increased availability of IP address and 1000 gigabyte of storage.  This kind o hosting is a way to use, so if you are not techie user, you won’t face a hassle and have cluster free experience.  There is also the availability of self-service education tools, which will teach you all the things that you need to know about word press and make your business website running within no time

Dedicated hosting

Now, this for people who need individual servers for their website. In this hosting, there is no use of multiple clients sharing a shared server. Instead, there is the formation of 1: 1. This means that if your website has high traffic volume each day and you are in dire need of applications that need cloud-based support, then this kind of hosting is ideal for you.  Web hosting providers provide some attractive packages for this kind of hosting.  The smallest packages include support of 4 GB ram and also 3 IP address. Also, the package contains 1Tb of disk space.  Also, if you want to configure the server according to your own needs, then you can do that too.  Now the best thing about these packages is refund initiative. Meaning when you use this hosting and see that it is not living up to your expectations, then you are welcome to get a full refund of your money after 30 days of usage.

Cloud hosting

If you are a user that is searching for a package reliable, fast and simple, then cloud hosting is ideal for you.  In this hosting, the hosting providers offer both scalability and flexibility.  In this hosting, your website will have the advantage of getting uploaded in three devices, and you won’t be bothered about the downtime.  Now if there is a situation, where your hardware seems to provide you with some problem, the cloud hosting will ensure that one copy will continue functioning, while another set of prints will be dere to correct some issues.  Hosting providers will provide you with some standard packages which come with features like 2CPU, 2GB Ram and 100 GB of storage.  There is also the presence of a business pro package and performance package which comes with 6GB and 4GB of storage.  So, when you increase your cloud storage, you will have the privilege to enjoy smooth migration from shared hosting to cloud hosting in a matter of minutes. In cloud hosting, you need to take care of certain things; one is known as the hosting of multiple websites.  In this, you need to take care of the domain name which can provide you with a high return of investment.

How to choose the right hosting package

Selecting the best hosting package can be a dilemma, and hence this article will make it easy for you.  Before selecting any package, see to it that the package you are considering provides you with the complete control of your website and fits well within your budget.  An ideal hosting package will depend on two things one is known as your business model, and the other is known as financial constraints. Experts say that shared hosting should only be preferred if the user doesn’t have a lot of traffic in their website . Here you need to make use of decided hosting which will provide you with a dedicated server.  Now if you want to generate some ROI with your website formation, then please consider the use of cloud hosting.  With the help of cloud hosting, you can be well assured that your resources are placed precisely where they need to be.

Best hosting providers

When it comes to selecting a web hosting services, one must consider many parameters while choosing the best web host service. Although there are lucrative plans available on the internet compelling you to hit the buy button, there is more than just money when it comes to selecting a perfect web host services for your website. As website hosting service lay the foundation of the site, it is essential to be selective in choosing an appropriate facility.   

But what to consider while selecting a website hosting services and which hosting services provide them??  Storage space, bandwidth, SSL certification and customer support service are the critical thing that a website owner looks for his website.

Here is a list of website hosting services that you can consider before selecting a website hosting service.


If you are looking for a website hosting service with the best uptime, then Bluehost is a perfect choice. Blue host provides 3-year introductory price at $2.75 per month to its members. Moreover, free domain name, one-click installation for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are some of the critical features of Bluehost. Not only that, but it also provides a built-in admin panel to give you complete freedom while developing website as per your will. To ensure protection, it includes SSL certificates (HTTPS://) on all free plans and an email account as well.


When it comes to Most Unlimited Hosting, HostGator is the best choice for people handling multiple websites. Some of its best features are storage, email accounts and unlimited bandwidth. When it comes to loading time and uptimes HostGator is one of the fastest web hosting service providers in the market and a perfect web hosting service for WordPress websites. But beware of renewal prices of the HostGator, for an initial period of 1-6 months it charges $2.99 but once you choose to renew the services the price hikes $9.95 to $14.95 per month. Some of its best features are storage, email accounts and unlimited bandwidth


If you are a blogger with the limited fund, then Hostinger is one of the best buy options for web hosting services. It charges only $0.99 per month for a 48-month subscription plan. It also provides unlimited bandwidth and database, but for that, you have to choose “Single Web Hosting” plan. However, if you opt for multiple hosting, then storage gets limited to 10GB and bandwidth of 100GB with one MySQL database and one email account per website. Moreover, it provides a customized dashboard for the backend of the website.   


It comes with an introductory price of $3.95 month for 12 months and shoots up to $11.95 month when choose to renew the services. It might look bit expensive but if you choose SiteGround as your web hosting service than you don’t need to spend an extra buck for services like SSL certificate, site migration, email accounts, CDN and daily back-ups. Although for WordPress, it is one of the best options for web hosting service, it has limited storage of 10GB and could handle 10,000 monthly visits to its website.


When it comes to website hosting services, GoDaddy is considered as a premium brand in the business. For starters, it provides 100GB storage, unmetered bandwidth and a free trial of website builder which may sound a fair deal for beginners. But as you start buying SSL certificates, email account and site back-ups you might have to cough up some extra bucks from your pocket that too at a premium price, a hidden price marketing tactics to lure customer at a large scale. Moreover, if you have an issue with web hosting, you might need to develop a bit of patience as their customer support is always busy with solving endless problems.


If you are in the UK and thinking to set up a website, then WebHostingBuzz is a common name. Unlike any other web hosting services, it provides the best customer support services one could have asked for.  Moreover, where another web hosting service offers 30-days money-back scheme, WebHostingBuzz offers 45-days money-back guarantee, bundled with 20GB disk space, site migration at $4.99 per month for minimum payment term of 48 months can be considered as a good deal for the services provided.


A2Hosting can be regarded as one of the fastest shared web hostings.  All the plans in A2Hosting are bundled with unlimited bandwidth and storage, free SSL certification, domain name, free site migration service and very responsive customer support, whether on live chat or a phone call. But it comes with cons as well; it has some substantial restriction on packages as well. Some major limitation is five database limits, the inclusion of addon domains, and a strict limitation on WordPress cache as well. So, if you are looking for flexibility in your web hosting services, then A2Hosting is not the one that you would need to go after.

Final thoughts

From the above information, it is clear that selecting the right packages for your hosting will make your business operations faster. So, if you are looking for the best hosting services that are available in the market. Then this article is your answer. This article provides a complete guide on which hosting provider is made for you and what are some of the packages that are well within your budget. I hope this article has solved your search for hosting related queries.